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Node Voltages

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Computer analysis of the circuit shown in the Figure indicates that the values of the node voltages are v1=20 angle (-90 deg) and V2=44.7 angle (-63.4deg). Are these values correct?

Hint: Calculate the current in each element using the values of V1 and V2.
Check to see if KCL is satisfied at each node of the circuit.
Work out the solution so we know that KCL is satisfied.

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Solution Summary

The solution uses a series of calculations to explain how to verify the node voltages of the attached circuit as described in the question.

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Node 1: Ix = V1/10 = 2 @ -90 deg. = -j2

(V1-V2)/j10 = (-j20 - 20 + j40)/j10 = ...

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