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    Window Thickness To Maintain Safe Heat Level

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    A new oven has been designed which has self-cleaning capability. The oven window must be from two transparent high temperature polymers (A and B) with thermal conductivities of K_A=0.15 W/mK and K_B=0.08 W/mK. Thickness of layer Ais twice as much as layer B. During the self-cleaning the oven wall and the air temperature are 400C while the room temperature is 25 C. The inside radiation and convection heat transfer coefficient are 25 W/m^2K, while the outside heat transfer coefficient is 15 W/m^2K. What is the minimum thickness of the window to ensure the temperature at the outer surface of the window is 50 C or less for safety reasons.

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    The solution treats a process of heat transfer from an oven in order to determine the thickness of the transparent window. All steps are shown with justifications and diagrams.