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use of force continuum

Please describe the use of force continuum and the authority to use force. What are some examples of control tactics?

Law enforcement officers are authorized to use force in specified circumstances, are trained in the use of force, and typically face numerous circumstances during their careers when use of force is appropriate--for example, in making some arrests, restraining unruly combatants, or controlling a disruptive demonstration. When the level of force exceeds the level considered justifiable under the circumstances, however, the activities of the police come under public scrutiny. Incidents involving the use of excessive force by the police frequently receive attention from the media, legislators, and, in some instances, civil and even criminal courts. Whether the excessive force is aberrant behavior of individual officers or is a pattern and practice of an entire law enforcement agency, both the law and public opinion condemn such incidents. police use of force can be placed into three categories. The first pertains to knowledge that can be accepted with substantial confidence as "fact." The second relates to use-of-force knowledge that can be accepted only with modest confidence because, for example, additional research is warranted. The third category consists of knowledge yet to be developed through research--that is, what is not yet known.

Q1: Do you agree or disagree and why?

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