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accommodations for Sheetal

I need help in accommodations for Sheetal.
What accommodations can I make or do?
Why do you think she needs accommodations? What do you think about the phone message from the parent?

Sheetal is an Asian female living with her parents and her parental grandmother. She is the older of two children. She came to elementary school as a kindergartner, a quiet shy student who struggled with English; the family spoke Korean at home. She has high expectations regarding her performance in school, and her teachers have labeled her as an overachiever. By the third grade, Sheetalâ??s teacher reports that she tends to cry at simple errors and frequently has stomachaches in school. Her mother reports that even as a young girl she has a lot of home responsibility and is expected to take the role of first born in the family. Her father is very strict and has high expectations for each of Sheetalâ??s teachers. Sheetal tends to be a loner and spends recess alone or in the company of adults either in her classroom or in the library. Her teachers are encouraging her to make friends and are considering a social intervention.
Note to parent:

Dear Sheetalâ??s parents,

I am writing this note to tell you what an excellent student Sheetal is in school. She is very thorough about her studies and very thoughtful in her writing. She tends to be shy in school and doesnâ??t have many friends. We would like to help Sheetal make some friends her age. School can be a difficult place, and Sheetal could benefit from having students her own age to talk to. I know she is shy so I would like to request your permission to recommend her to join the Asian American club at school. They meet once a week and support one another with English, homework and some cultural activities. The club sponsor is the school principal, and, if you would like, he can call you to explain what benefits the club may have for Sheetal. Do I have your permission to recommend Sheetal for this club?
Thank you,

Parent phone message:
School: Hi, Mr. Soler? This is the school counselor, and I am calling regarding your recent note to the school about Sheetalâ??s participation in the school club. I am sorry if anyone offended you and we know you have high expectations for Sheetal as we do too.

Father: Why you calling me? I say in my note my decision is final. I send my daughter to your school to get a good education. What are you teaching her? I tell you what my daughter can do, you no tell me.

School: Mr. Soler, we only want what is best for Sheetal, too. We would like to meet with you to talkâ?¦..

Father: No more talk. No more meeting. My decision final.

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Clearly, Sheetal's father does not want her to be involved in any extra curricular activities. His main focus is on her academic education. Academic success is an admirable goal for Sheetal. However, her ...

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