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Responsibilities of Law Enforcement and Security Personnel

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1. Do security personnel and law enforcement personnel have similar or different responsibilities at large events? How must security and law enforcement personnel interact? How can both types of personnel accomplish the security objectives for a large event?

2. Large public events require access controls to maintain order and control movement. What are three basic procedures that you can use to regulate admission and safely control movement of crowds?

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This solution is comprised of over 250 words with a reference on the responsibilities of security personnel and law enforcement officers at large events such as concerts.

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Large events such as concerts, plays or conferences require the presence of security personnel and police officers. Security guards and police officers are hired for these events to control the crowd, stand guard at the back and front entrances, be a physical deterrent when necessary, and are basically there to bring peace of mind and safety to the individuals attending the event. On occasion security personnel have had to detain individuals until police ...

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