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What can be learned from your experiences, such as teachers assistant/camp counsellor/school counsellor/community coach, working with youth and/or children?
How has your background (my parents are both retired teachers) and experiences (teachers assistant/camp counsellor/school counsellor/community coach)influenced the decision to be a teacher?

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First, as you explain what can be learned from your experiences, such as teacher's assistant, please note that you learned about the instructional process, the value of having clear learning objectives and organized content. It taught the value of aligning lesson plans with objectives. Teachers do not simply show up and start talking; teaching embodies immense preparation. It also taught me about the amount of empathy and compassion required for the job. It is not all about cognitive skills. Teaching is about love and laughter; it is also a profession where pain occurs when kids are not fed at home, kids have problems learning, kids are bullied, etc. It is a ...

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