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Goals and Objectives for a Student with Cerebral Palsy

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When a child in elementary school has cerebral palsy what are two goals that the teachers should design to meet the needs of the student? What are the specific disabilities of the disorder? What are the salient complications as a result of the disorder? What are the financial effects on the family and what type of assistance will they receive from the public school education system? Than what type of treatment can the child receive and what type of rehabilitation is there?

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This solution describes Cerebral Palsy, the different levels and varieties in which it presents on patients and students. I also discuss how to write goals and objectives based on the technology that is available for these students.

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Goal 1: Mobility
Goal 2: Communication

Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder that comes in a variety of strengths: that is, a child can be born and be only lightly affected, to a child who is born with an extreme case, and all the shades in between. One side or both sides can be affected and to different levels of severity. The features or complications can include blindness from receiving too much oxygen, cognitive delay, emotional and executive functioning difficulties, mobility issues, and problems eating (swallowing). Often, a person's cognitive level cannot immediately be understood because of an inability to speak. Augmentative communication, such as using an iPad with PECS or pictures can be used, and taught as a learning and communication device. I have seen both low and high tone students with normal cognitive ability use these devices to great effect. Even without much ability to move, I have seen students use a head switch to operate a device that can allow for great sophistication of communication as is possible based on each individual student.

Low tone ...

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