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ethical guidelines about incompetent practice

Discuss what you feel are the key ethical concerns related to this case. What are your concerns related to competency and training based on your knowledge of the ethical guidelines? As a counselor, what would you offer in terms of a resolution to these concerns? Additionally, provide an overview of what your specialization's ethical guidelines suggest about incompetent practice.

The Case of Jerry

Jerry is a sophomore in high school. During his first year and a half in high school he made the honor role. This term he has really struggled and his behavior has become disruptive. In speaking with Jerry, he indicates he has a lot weighing on his mind. His father recently lost his job and the family house is being foreclosed on later in the month. In speaking with Jerry it is obvious that he has lost weight. He confirms that he has actually lost 35 pounds in the last month and a half. Jerry feels like with his life in disarray, the only thing he has some control over right now is his weight. Jerry explains how he has been losing the weight in a variety of ways, including regurgitation. He tells you that he does not feel comfortable addressing this issue with anyone but yourself at the moment. You have no training in eating disorders and have no real knowledge of how to handle the situation, but agree to help Jerry anyway. Your first recommendation is that Jerry starts eating more and to exercise. You also inform him that you will purchase a book that you will review together as part of the therapy.

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The ethical concerns related to this case are counseling a client with an eating disorder with no training or experience and how to get a trained counselor involved if Jerry only feels comfortable addressing the situation with you.

I have serious concerns related to competency and training for Jerry's health. Eating disorders are very serious health conditions to address without ...

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