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Early Childhood Inclusion Position Statement

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Position Statement

In a joint position statement, the Division of Early Childhood and The National Association for the Education of Young Children released this position statement on inclusion and inclusive practice for young children:
Early childhood inclusion embodies the values, policies, and practices that support the right of every infant and young child and his or her family, regardless of ability, to participate in a broad range of activities and contexts as full members of families, communities, and society. The desired results of inclusive experiences for children with and without disabilities and their families include a sense of belonging and membership, positive social relationships and friendships, and development and learning to reach their full potential. The defining features of inclusion that can be used to identify high quality early childhood programs and services are access, participation, and supports (Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children & National Association for the Education of Young Children, 2009).

As you read the opening paragraph of this statement in Early Childhood Inclusion: A Summary, reflect on what creates a sense of belonging and membership, positive relationships and what reaching a full potential means regarding how you work with all young children and families. As you have thought about creating environments, seeing children's strengths and abilities and communicating with families during this class, what are some things you plan to implement in your own professional experiences? What questions or concerns do you still have about working with exceptional learners?

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As you briefly reflect on what creating a sense of belonging and membership, positive relationships and reaching full potential means to how you work with all young children and families, to me it reiterates the need to educate the WHOLE child to ...

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This posting briefly reflects on what creates a sense of belonging and membership when working with all young children and families. 100 words of personal notes are given to brainstorm how to implement in one's own professional experiences as well as concerns about working with exceptional learners.

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