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Case Study: How to Assign Homework

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Jonathan teaches 8th grade Social Studies at a small high school in Utah . Most of his students are farm kids who will end up working their parents' farms for the duration of their time in Utah. In order to make use of the abundant knowledge related to farming and farm equipment, Jonathan decides to read Of Mice and Men with his students. Each day in class, he and his students read one chapter of the book and he wants to assign them evening homework that will follow up on the chapter. Once they are finished reading, they will be writing a five paragraph essay that focuses on one character from the book and how they change over the course of the text. For their final essay, students will be required to use quotes from the text as support for their paragraphs

Suggest a nightly assignment that Jonathan can give to his students that will reinforce the day's reading but also help them in preparing for the final essay. What can Jonathan do on a daily basis to confirm that all students are keeping up with their homework? How might he enlist the help of parents in keeping students on track?

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As the students read the book, you want to be able to keep them engaged. It is important that they are able to make connections between the book and their daily life. It is suggested to give out homework assignments that are able to make that connection.

The first lesson might be about the title. Have students write what they believe "Of mice and men" means. Is the phrase useful today? Why or why not. Have the students ask their parents what that phrase means to them. Discuss the findings in class. The teacher may not want to give too much writing, as since the kids live on farms, they will have many chores.

The second lesson may refer to the first or second chapter in the book. What are the significance ...

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This discusses how to keep students from a rural population engaged in reading and homework. It also discusses how to get families involved in the homework process.