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    Formal Layout for Research Papers

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    Reference Baron's Guidelines for Writing Research Proposals and Dissertations (see attached). Why do you think it is important to have a formal layout for research papers? Why is it important to state the problem? What is the purpose of the literature review? What is the difference between data collection and data analysis?

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    A formal layout serves a dual purpose for both the author and scorer. A formal layout ensures that the writer knows exactly what components need to be encompassed in the writing. It also ensures that you know exactly what the scorer is looking for with your final paper. From the scorer perspective it allows you a guideline of exactly what needs to be included for you to be able to score papers fairly. Without a formal layout one could possibly score on different guidelines for different papers. This ensures fairness on all sides.

    As quoted from the guidelines on page 1 "The problem statement is among the most critical ...

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    Formal layouts for research papers are provided.