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macro, micro or other

Which of the following categories fall under microeconomics, macroeconomis and other topics?

The change in price of consumer goods:

The government budget deficit

A decrease in canada's exports

A rise in profits in the steel industry

A suffering of the unemployed

A quebec election

A change in the price of a tv set at the store

An increase in the supply of wheat

Advice about buying specific stocks


Competition in the long distance telephone calling business

The cost of the whole economy of the unemployment

Layoffs in a GM plant

A rise in total purchases of consumer goods across the whole country

A fall in total investments in Canada (means spending by all firms on buildings and equipment has fallen)

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Micro: study of economic behaviour of individual firms, industries or consumers
Macro: study of economic behaviour of groups such as all consumers, all businesses

The trick is that micro effects individuals (i.e one industry, one group of people) while macro is everyone on ...

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This job determines the category for macro, micro or other. The change in price of consumer goods are determined.