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    Question about Economics for Decision-Making

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    You and the senior officers of your team-the heads of each of the 3 divisions-are preparing for the next Board meeting and have decided that you need to present an analysis of the largest companies in the consumer products business. To do this, you will prepare a deck (presentation) with notes that describes the current state of the consumer products business. This will require you to analyze Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Colgate and Gillette. Go to the small group discussion board and divide the companies-one per group member. Each group member will be responsible to submit the following individual piece to the Small Group Drop Box for their specific company so the group leader can compile them into one unified presentation for the meeting.

    Individual portion of this project-Use charts, graphs, and bullet points to detail firm revenue, gross profit margin, operating profit margin, and strategies of each firm. Explain how industry consolidation has impacted the company and make projections about the long-term prospects for the company.

    For more information on creating PowerPoint Presentations, please visit the Microsoft Office Applications Lab.

    For CPI Segment Data go to https://campus.ctuonline.edu/courses/MGM626/Assignment_Assets/MGM626_p2gps.pdf

    Use the links below to assist you.

    Securities Exchange Commission (http://sec.gov/)
    (SEC, see Form 10-K for all but Unilever; see Form 20-F for Unilever)

    Procter and Gamble

    Colgate Palmolive


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