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Finding the optimal price and output levels

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2. Your company sells its product online and in stores. Your marginal cost $30 is the same in both markets. The demand and marginal revenue curves in the two markets are different however.
Qonline = 1,000-2 Ponline
MRonline = 500-Qonline

Qstores = 200-Pstores
MRstores = 200-2 Qstores

2.1 What is the profit maximizing price level in each market?

2.2 At those prices, what output is sold in each market?

2.3 Which market has a more elastic demand?

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2.1 What is the profit maximizing price level in each market?

Online :
Profit will be maximized when MRonline=MC.

Qonline =1000-2 Ponline
Put ...

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Solution describes the steps to calculate optimal price and output combination in each of the given market segments.

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