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    Finding optimal output and price levels

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    Tyvex LLC produces professional quality color laser printers. The market for professional color laser printers is monopolistically competitive. Assume that the inverse demand curve faced by Tyvex (given its competitors' prices) can be expressed as
    P = 5,000 - .2Q
    and Tyvex's total costs can be expressed as

    TC = 20,000,000 + .05Q2.

    a) What price and quantity will Tyvex choose?

    b) Is this likely to be a long-run equilibrium for Tyvex LLC? Why or why not?

    c) If not, what is likely to happen in the market for professional color laser printers, and how will it affect Tyvex?

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    a) What price and quantity will Tyvex choose?

    Total revenue=P*Q=(5000-0.2Q)*Q=5000Q-0.2Q^2
    Marginal Revenue=MR=dTR/dQ=5000-0.4Q

    Marginal Cost=MC=dTC/dQ=0.1Q

    Firm will choose output level such that MR=MC to maximize its profits.
    Put ...

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    The following solution depicts the steps to find optimal output and price level. It also discusses the likely behavior in long run.