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Dasani bottle water's global business

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Select a company with operations. I have selected Dasani bottled water.

1. Discuss the firms's activities outsize the U.S.
2 Identify which economic concepts, sure as comparative advantage, apply to your firm.
3. Explain how these economic concepts can be used to address the firms's problem and opportunities?
4. Identify which economic and political policies affect your firm and explain how they impact business decisions.
5. How does your firm use technology to strategic advantage?
6. discuss the impact of globalization on the firm's cost structure, markets, currency risk, and overall strategy. Be sure to provide a definition of globalization in your answer.

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1. Discuss the firms's activities outsize the U.S.

Dasani, part of the Global Cola Giant Coca Cola, sells its beverage products in multiple nations around the world, such as Canada and other countries in Latin America. The company has also made attempts to foray into the European market, but haven't been successful yet. However, the company is aggressively pursuing its international expansion program and entering new emerging markets as part of its global expansion program.

The company sets up manufacturing units locally in foreign markets and source raw materials locally only and does not import from USA for cost considerations.

2 Identify which economic concepts, sure as comparative advantage, apply to your firm.

1) Competitive Advantage: The setting up of offshore operations give access to companies like Dasani to obtain strategic advantage in these fast growing markets which are being coined as the emerging economies. It allows Dasani to take advantage of the growing demands for its product ans thus reap up economies of scale.

2) Globalization: The concept of Globalization is inherent in all the international activities of a multinational company like Dasani . Globalization has been made possible due to advancement in transport and telecommunication, increasing liberalization and free trade agreements and a quest among companies to capture more and more market share.

3) Economies of Scale: The setting up of offshore operations to scale ...

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Dasani bottle water's global business

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