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the costs of medical research and the costs of training new physicians

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Who should pay the costs of medical research and the costs of training new physicians? Should these be paid by the government through Medicare and Medicaid? By government directly through tax dollars? By health insurers? Consider each and explain why you think it is appropriate or not.

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Debate the costs of medical research and the costs of training new physicians.

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Medical Research and Training:

Also known as biomedical research, it is the basic research that is conducted to support the body of knowledge in the field of medicine. The research can also be applied research type or translational research type aimed to attain two goals; the analysis of new treatments in the development process to obtain the appropriate advanced treatment and the research that is undertaken to contribute in the development of new solutions to in the medical field. The advances that are taking place in the medical department need unmatched personnel to cope with the changes. It is the training offered to the physicians that will increase their skills in the medical field. The funding of both entities- medical research and training is undertaken by diverse entities that ensure that the research process yields the expected outcome (Medical Research, 2011).

The Government through Medicare and Medicaid:

The data that was collected in the ...

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