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The Fair Credit Act and Consumer Protection

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Your credit rating is very important in many areas of your life. Your score determines the interest rate you would get on loans, the cost of your insurance, and could affect future employment. You have rights as a consumer when it comes to billing practices. The Federal Trade Commission provides information that will help you to understand your rights as a consumer.

Fair Credit Billing: Federal Trade Commission. [Website]. Retrieved from http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0219-fair-credit-billing

The importance of a personal financial plan is essential. Economic issues are one of the major areas that can affect your personal wealth. Do you think the Fair Credit Act protects the current consumer in these economic times? How can having a personal financial plan influence your credit score? Tell us about any negative or positive experiences you have had in regard to your credit and what you did or could have done to improve your credit rating.

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Fair Credit Act protects in adverse economic condition:
Fair Credit Act protects consumer in any economic situation. In financial planning credit is an important part that provides much needed financial support. During adverse economic condition it becomes very difficult to borrow and that also at low cost. Now how costly a debt could be can be identified with the help of the credit rating of the consumer. Consumer with best credit rating will be able to get the debt ...

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