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What is a good product or service to sell online? I'm thinking a motivational line of books.

1-2 sentences needed per section

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Marketing Research.

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Marketing Information for Self-Help Books

Market Summary: Self-help books are about an $11 billion a year industry, though estimates vary. The industry is growing. Personal coaches and motivational speakers, which were stagnant for awhile, are picking up. Yet, books in all forms continue to dominate (PRWeb, 2013 and Bohl, 2009).

Market Demographics: Think female. They buy about 75% of these books. Those reading these books are usually affluent, well educated, and are very computer literate. Midlife is the period of the most interest in all forms of self-help. Those who believe they are powerless are the last people who will take "self-help" seriously (Blakeley, 2009 and Whelan, 2009).

Market Needs: Many of the older seminar style self-help systems are in trouble. Travel costs have gone up, and therefore, books are selling better. This also includes those large, multi CD sets about a large self-help topic. Books are the way to go. Yet, these other venues are predicted to pick up (Gunnell, et al 2004).

Market Trends: Stress management books are predicted to be flat, ...

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