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    Monopolistic questions

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    The accompanying diagram depicts a monopolist whose price is regulated at $10 per unit. Use this figure to answer that follow.
    a What price will an unregulated monopoly charge?
    b What quantity will an unregulated monopoly produce?
    c How many units will a monopoly produce when the regulated price is $10 per unit?
    d Determine the quantity demanded and the amount produced at the regulated price of $10 per unit. Is there a shortage or a surplus?
    e Determine the deadweight loss to society (if any) when the regulated price is $10 per unit.
    f Determine the regulated price that maximizes social welfare. Is there a shortage or a surplus at this price?

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    a. If unregulated, the monopoly will produce until MR = MC, and at this point, the price is 12.

    b. the quantity is 4.

    c. If regulated, the monopoly will produce until the ...

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