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    Monopolistic competition, fast food

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    In the section on macroeconomics you read an article by Peter Thiel on competition. Find a recent article in the Wall Street Journal that discusses a company or product provided by a company that you believe demonstrates what Thiel refers to as monopolistic tendencies. Note, in your text, we would refer to this competitive condition as monopolistic competition. Submit the following in a Word Document to Discovery:

    1) a citation to the article (what date, section of the paper, article title and author) You can also provide a link if you have set up the digital journal

    2) a brief explanation in your own words why you think this is approach a monopoly (monopolistic competition)

    3) from your own research or information provided by the article, discuss who the chief competitors are or what products are the main competitors to the one you selected.

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    Wong, V. (2014) Burger King's Winning Menu Formula: Give the old sandwiches tiny twists. Bloomburg Business 01 Aug.

    The company is ...

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    A review of what makes Burger King's products monopolistic.