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    Line Industry Research

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    Find two sources to help answer the following questions about the AIR LINE INDUSTRY.
    Research any negative or positive externalities the industry produces. Does the transaction of a buyer and seller directly affect a third party? Is the effect a negative or positive externality? How does the externality impact the economy?

    Research whether the industry produces public goods or private goods, or is a natural monopoly. Are the goods or resources rival, excludable, or neither? Explain.

    All Work MUST be done on the attached template (Appendix B). Include APA-formatted references and a summary of the major points in the articles or Web sites.

    I am including an Appendix B example.

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    Appendix B

    Annotated Bibliography

    Article One:
    Article or Web site reference:
    Best P, (2008, November 20), The Wild 'green ' Yonder, ReportonBusiness.com, retrieved on November 22, 2008 from: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/LAC.20081120.RNOBODY20/TPStory/Business

    Summary of Article or Web site:
    The airlines industry is a polluting industry. Green Rewards runs a retail loyalty program by allowing its customers to redeem points to get environmentally friendly products. The company had earlier floated an Aeroplan scheme that allowed frequent fliers to redeem their points for green products. However, the frequent fliers chose to redeem their points for more flight tickets rather than ...

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