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Quantitative Analysis: Maximize Profits

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Graph the answer and shade or show if it has a feasible solution, is unbounded, has no solution, has multiple solutions or is redundant.
A. Max profit = 6x + 4y
Subject to:
3x + 2y <= 12
x >= 2
y <= 3
x, y >= 0

B. max profit = 10x + 5y
Subject to:
2x + 2y <= 10
x >= 4
y >= 4
x,y > = 0

C. Max profit = 2x + 1y
Subject to:
x >= 4
y <= 5
x,y >= 0

D. Max profit = 6x + 6y
Subject to:
2x + 4y <= 12
6x + 4y <= 24
Y <= 10
x,y <= 0

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The expert examines quantitative analysis to maximize profits.

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Graph the answer and shade or show if it has feasible solution, unbounded, has no solution, has multiple solution or redundant.

A. Max ...

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