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    Quantitative Methods - Optimal Weekly Profit

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    The production manager for Beer etc. produces two kinds of beer: light (L) and dark (D). Two resources used to produce beer are malt and wheat. He can get, at most, 4800 oz. of malt per week and 3200 oz. of wheat per week. Each bottle of light beer requires 12 oz. of malt and 4 oz. of wheat, while a bottle of dark beer uses 8 oz. of malt and 8 oz. of wheat. Profits for light beer are $2 per bottle, and profits for dark beer are $1 per bottle. What is the optimal weekly profit?

    A. $1000
    B. $900
    C. $800
    D. $700
    E. $600

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    First make the LP. Let x is the number of bottles of light beer produced and Y is the number of bottles of dark beer produced. The objective function is:
    maximize profits ...

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