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    Federal Government's Role and Market Structures

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    Please answer the following questions:

    1. Describe any role our federal government might take in a particular product market structure and why citizens might want that government involvement; you can be personal and subjective in your opinions here.

    2. Do the principles of microeconomics apply to other nations? Describe any differences or special situations.

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    1. The Federal Government will have to play a special role in regulating monopolies. A monopoly is characterized by the following features:

    (a) Single, or single-dominant firm.
    (b) Barriers to entry and/or exit.
    (c) Economic profit.
    (d) Price control.
    (e) Product has no close substitute.

    Now, in such a case in the absence of regulation firms can decide whatever price they want and consumers will have no other option but to pay that ...

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    Principles of microeconomics are discussed.