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The table below sets out some data for Country X in 2007.

Item Amount
(in billions of dollars)
Consumption expenditure 289
Government expenditure 99
Interest and investment income 33
Profit of corporations and
government enterprises 65
Income from farms and
unincorporated businesses 40
Gross investment 146
Exports 36
Imports 22
Wages, salaries, and supplementary
labor income 275
Capital consumption allowance 60
Indirect taxes less subsidies 75

a. Calculate net exports.

b. Use the expenditure approach to calculate GDP.

c. Use the income approach to calculate GDP.

d. Calculate net domestic product (at factor cost).

e. Calculate net domestic income (at market price).

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net exports = exports - imports
net exports = 36 - 22 = 14 billion

b) ...

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The solution determines the GDP and NDP.

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Calculating the GDP, NDP, GNP, NI etc from a data set

Consider the national income and output data listed:
1)Personal Consumption Expenditure= 1491
2)Transfer Payments 274
3)Depreciation -234
4)Retained earnings-112
5)Gross Fixed Investment-378
6)Fed. State Local Govts' Purchases-354
7)Changes in Bus.Inventories-26
8)Interest Paid To Institutions-176
11)Personal Income Taxes-514
12)Indirect Bus. Taxes-177
13)Net Factor Income from abroad-minus 5
14) Corp.Profit Taxes-110
15) SS Contributions 95

**Determine GDP,NDP,GNP,NNP,NI,PI,DI,S. Comment on savings magnitude that you have determined.

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