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Calculating the GDP, NDP, GNP, NI etc from a data set

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Consider the national income and output data listed:
1)Personal Consumption Expenditure= 1491
2)Transfer Payments 274
3)Depreciation -234
4)Retained earnings-112
5)Gross Fixed Investment-378
6)Fed. State Local Govts' Purchases-354
7)Changes in Bus.Inventories-26
8)Interest Paid To Institutions-176
11)Personal Income Taxes-514
12)Indirect Bus. Taxes-177
13)Net Factor Income from abroad-minus 5
14) Corp.Profit Taxes-110
15) SS Contributions 95

**Determine GDP,NDP,GNP,NNP,NI,PI,DI,S. Comment on savings magnitude that you have determined.

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The expert calculates the GDP, NDP, GNP, NI etc from a data set.

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I (Investment)= Gross Fixed Investment+ Changes in Bus.Inventories=378+26=404
GDP (Gross Domestic Product)= C+I+G+X-M = 1491+404+354+261-248=2262
NDP (Net Domestic Product)=GDP- Depreciation=2262-234=2028
GNP (Gross National Product)=GDP+Net Factor Income from abroad = 2262+(-5)=2257
NNP (Net National ...

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