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    Vertical Integration and Market Foreclosure

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    Explain the phenomenon of market foreclosure. Specifically, explain how a vertical merger may "substantially lessen competition or tend to create a monopoly" by virtue of market foreclosure. Explain how the following mergers might result in market foreclosure:

    a. A shoe manufacturer integrates "downstream" by merging /acquiring a shoe retailer (make reference to the Brown Shoe case here).

    b. A dominant cable TV distributor (such as Time-Warner or Sudden Link) integrates "upstream" by the merger/acquisition of programmers such as HBO, MTV, or ESPN.

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    Generally speaking, the idea of market foreclosure in vertical integration is that when two companies (where one is a supplier) turn into one company, competitors in either downstream or upstream markets are closed out of the market they ...

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    This solution discusses how vertical integration can lead to market foreclosure using examples from the TV industry. The explanation is given in 159 words.