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    Population growth

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    (a) How quickly will a country with a real national income growth rate of 1% per year double its national income?
    1- What if the national income growth rate is 3%?
    2- In each case, what is the rate of income per capita growth if population is growing at 2% per year?
    3- Using the information in part c above, how many years will it take for the population to double.

    (b) Consider the fertility motives in rural areas of developing countries. Suppose that mortality among children remains constant, but the incidence of that mortality shifted from early childhood to late childhood. Would you expect any impacts in average fertility as a result of this factor alone? Which one or ones and why and why not?

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    (a) Given that,
    Real national income growth rate = 1%
    Time taken to double country's national income = 69.66 years

    1) If the national income growth rate = 3%
    Time taken to double country's national income = ...

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