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    Life and Death of National leprosarium

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    Read the case study, The Life and Death of the National Leprosarium of Public Policy. Identify some of the public policy problems presented within this case study. Consider the various policies implemented, and the various policies terminated. Discuss and evaluate the public policy terminations presented by this case study. Were these terminations well justified? Provide a rationale for your answer.

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    One of the public policy problem was that leprosy was perceived to be an infectious disease. This disease had no known cure in 1921s. The United States government purchased the leprosarium from the State of Louisiana in 1921. The problem was the incidence of leprosy and the need for isolating the patients of Leprosy from other citizens. The objective was to contain the spread of leprosy. The problem was that the US Public Health Service promised lifetime care for victims of leprosy. The public policy problem was that the cost of providing care to the ...

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    This solution explains how the national leprosarium was set up and terminated. The sources used are also included in the solution.