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The economics behind the UAW from beginning to current

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How important was the leadership of Walter Reuther? What did he do that increased the economy and what did he do that declined it?

What are the economic implications of the UAW from its beginnings to now?

What are suggestions on how to fix the decline?

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The UAW is a product of the Great Depression.
It developed the 'sit down' strike - that is, it was tougher for scabs to move in.
Reuther was a moderate socialist and supported the USSR in theory, not in practice.
The concept of labor organization here was rational and based around real, achievable goals.
Reuther's main tactic was to hit one of the main car manufacturers with a sit down strike - as that one company struggled, the other two would outsell it. It was a brilliant plan.

Foreign competition in the auto market harmed the UAW.
Needless to say, this was a part of and a result of globalization. The UAW has a long history of rejecting all global trade treaties unless they specifically increase labor welfare. Since few do, the UAW has developed a basically ...

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The economics behind the UAW from beginning to current is examined. The suggestions on how to fix the decline is determined.