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    strategy in game theory

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    Stategy D E F
    A 100, 125 300,250 200 ,100
    B 250, 0 500 ,500 750 , 400
    C 0, -200 400, 300 -100, 350

    Please explain what the dominant strategy is .
    Does each player have a secure strategy?
    What is the Nash equilibrium = 500 , 500 ?

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    Assuming Player 1 has strategies A, B and C, and Player 2 has strategies D, E and F, and the first element in each cell is the payoff for Player 1 and the second is the payoff for Player 2 we can explain it as follows.

    Consider Player 1. If he assumes Player 2 will choose D, he is best off with B as that gives highest payoff (250). If he ...

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    This solution explains how to determine the secure strategies of the two players in this game theory problem. This solution also shows the Nash equilibrium of the problem.