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    Government spending, taxes, budget processes

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    The reference organization is Wal-mart.

    Please address the following questions:

    1. To what extent, if any, does Wal-mart feel itself affected by Federal tax policy? Do you see any major changes forthcoming as a result of reading the CBO's budget outlook?

    2. Do you see any major changes forthcoming as a result of increases or decreases in the parts of the Federal budget that may affect Wal-mart?

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    1. The Federal tax policy has major impacts on the health of companies in general. To see why consider both aspects of fiscal policy: taxes and spending.

    Consider taxes first: higher taxes imply lower disposable income and vice versa. If the government decides to raise taxes this will lower people's spending power, and thus reduce the demand for goods and services. This lower demand will reflect itself in terms of lower sales at Walmart. This will hurt Walmart's bottom-line. On the other hand, if the government decides to lower taxes, or provide some sort of transfer payment, say like last year's stimulus check, then people's disposable income goes up. ...

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    Government spending, taxes, and budget processes of Wal-Mart are explored. This includes Federal tax policy,