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Adopting Children a Normative Issue

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As we all also know, there are people who cannot have children who want to adopt, and there are pregnant women who for various reasons want to (or might be willing to) put their babies up for adoption. What do you think the government should do about the possibility of potential adoptive parents paying the birth mother directly for the babies they adopt - allow it, regulate it, or prohibit it? Give your reasons.

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The factors that come into play when answering this questions are normative in that it doesn't concern the market or potential market for something, but whether something should be done or not, and how should it be done, it is a much more subjective matter.

Parents who want to adopt do so, at least most, we would hope, because they want to raise a child and provide for it. It is altruistic and self-serving. Altruistic because they want do do something good for that child and ...

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