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GINI Coefficient

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Consider the following land distribution data for a developing country:
Holding size % Holdings % Holdings Area CUMUL
Less than 1 50 5 5
1-2 20 10 15
2-10 15 15 30
10-100 10 20 50
GT 100 5 50 100
a. Find the Gini coefficient
b. If ten percent of the land of the farms in the top 5% (measured by size) were transferred equally to the poorest 50% of farms, what happens to inequality?

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GINI Coefficient is clearly identified.

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"Consider the following land distribution data for a developing country:
a. Find the Gini coefficient

Holding Size % Holding Cumulative % Holding % Holding Area Cumulative % Holding Area 
0 0 0.00% 0 0
Less than ...

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