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Projecting macroeconomic indices

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I need help in finding a recent article or 2 that I will be able to apply a minimum of three general economic principles along with being able to identify three to five macroeconomic indices e.g.GDP,CPI. I must also be able to make an evaluation and develop a forecast from the article.

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Please use these online sources:


The Gold standard by Kimball [pdf file is attached]

Three (3) to five (5) macroeconomic indices
see attached [Bureau of Economic Analysis data.xlsx] (note: This is composed of multiple sheets with useful data)
Source: ...

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This solution identifies leading macroeconomic indices including historical data. A detailed spreadsheet with formula was included for ease in the projection of the data.

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Macroeconomic Indices

Begin working on your Portfolio Project by researching and selecting an article for your analysis. Appropriate articles are those that:

- Are no older than six months old
- Contain at least three general economic principles
- Contain at least three to five macroeconomic indices

Submit an outline that provides information on your article and the three general economic principles and the three to five macroeconomic indices you will be discussing in your project.

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