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    Valuation Corrections of Sable Systems Case

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    "3) Answer the questions in the Sable Systems case. This case gives you a badly flawed attempt to value a business. Your task is to find and remove the flaws from all of Ted's valuation attempts, and come up with a sound set of valuations for the subject business.

    4) You should correct all 7 of Ted's valuations, and add further valuations (if any) that you believe should be added, explaining why you added whichever valuations you added.

    5) Then select the three best valuation approaches, based on merit, not convenient numbers, and explain why the three you selected are best, and why you rejected those that you rejected.

    6) Consider whether your three best methods are similar enough in dollar amount to be mutually confirming of one another, or whether their dollar values are too widely scattered to be valid. If they are too widely scattered, review and double check your work for errors or omissions.

    You should correct the mistakes in each and every one of the seven valuation methods used in the case. If necessary, you should add any further valuation methods that may be appropriate.

    All calculations should be shown and numerical answers should be thoroughly discussed. The numerical analysis and the written discussion should be submitted in a single Excel file."

    Any help as to how to do this especially the calculations and showing where the numbers are coming from would be helpful

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