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    How good or bad of a job has the Federal Reserve done?

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    The Federal Reserve Bank controls the money supply and interest rates in the United States. How good, or bad, a job has it done over the last two years? Why? What could it or should it have done differently? Why?

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    In my opinion, the Federal Reserve has done a terrible job over the past few years, and they did an even worse and more devastating job to the economy just before the two year period. Going back a little over two years, the Federal Reserve actually stated in post-recession times that they knew the recession was coming due to how events began to unfold with the housing market, yet they decided it was in the best interest of the economy to not act, they actually knew the economic devastation that was headed our way, but sat back ...

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    The solution discusses how good, or bad, a job has it done over the last two years, and what it could or should be differently.