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How Geologic Maps can assist in earthquake planning

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1. Discuss how studying rocks, sediment, inactive and active faults from geologic maps can help people live in an earthquake-prone area.

2. Hypothesize why the focus of an earthquake is not at the surface.

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If people live in an earthquake prone area, then certain accommodations have to be made, including how the buildings are built and can they withstand an earthquake when (not if) when hits.
Looking at a geologic map can give you a wide range of information that can help you better plan out how to live in the area and how to plan out earthquake contingencies. They type of bedrock in the area, and especially it's depth, can help you decide whether or not you can build taller buildings in an area like this, since many taller buildings are often anchored to the bedrock ...

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This solution deals with how geologic maps can be helpful in describing some possible earthquake-prone areas and assist in planning for future events.

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