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Residence Time Calculation

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Reservoir A has a capacity of 48 000 million litres, drains a catchment area of 263 hectares and receives approximately 1170 mm in available rainfall each year.

Problem: Calculate the steady state residence time of water in reservoir A (if water is removed and replenished at the same rate).

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A simple residence time in a reservoir calculation, which involves conversions from mm/hectare rain to "usable" units is provided in this solution.

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Residence Time of Water

A stable and highly soluble pollutant is dumped into a lake at the rate
of 0.19 tonnes per day. The lake volume is 2E7 m3 and
the average water flow-through rate is 8E4 m3 per day. Ignore evaporation
from the lake surface and assume the pollutant is uniformly mixed in the lake.
What eventual steady-state concentration will the pollutant reach (in ppm)?

Hint: Calculate residence time of water in lake. Multiply by pollutant input rate.

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