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Mali Culture

This posting simulates a Mali citizen.

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As you imagine that you are a Chinese farmer living in 2006, please allow my ideas to guide you:

First, my name is
Bao (meaning Leopard) Cheng (meaning Accomplished). I am forty years old with two children and a wife. We reside with my parents and her parents in a village home in the region of China called Xilinji, which is 6.9 nm from the nearest major city, Guilin.

A typical day in my life consists of hard work on my farm. While the women use long ji poles to carry produce, I mainly work the rice fields with my water buffalo. After about eight hours of farming, I will also take a break to go fishing. We are blessed with marvelous waterways in my region.

We also raise chickens. My children are in charge of caring for them. We also use equipment such as the water wheel for irrigation. We are ready to send the pigs today for shipping. I hope we get a good price for them at the market tomorrow.

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This posting highlights Mali culture.