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    Freemont canyon in Wyoming

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    Describe the physical attributes of the Fremont Canyon in Wyoming.

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    Fremont Canyon is located between the Pathfinder and Alcova reservoirs and is a tall, narrow gorge cut by the North Platte River (Van Houten, 1964). It consists of pre-Cambrian basement rock and overlying sandstones from the Mississippian through Tirassic periods, which is younger than its foundation (Van Houten, 1964). The Fremont Canyon has various sized cracks and slab faces within the Precambrian granite, which is approximately 2.5 billion years old (Blackwelder, 1915).This rock tends to be coarse, large grained material, with sporadic, bulky, crystals and its drops can be anywhere from 200 to 500 feet deep. (Petro, 1997). The Fremont Canyon is located ...

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    Freemont canyon in Wyoming is examined.