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Recycling program

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3. Assume that you plan to start a recycling center:

a. How would you organize an effective recycling program?

b. List the items likely to generate money for the program.

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Recycling has become a complicated political issue because it often costs more to collect the paper, metal, and plastic, and then process it than it does to simply bury it. But as landfills fill, it is becoming increasingly important to encourage recycling, regardless of its apparent cost. Successful programs try to find a way to use recyclables profitably. Some programs have found that as energy costs escalate, paper products are profitable when burned in power plants. But ...

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Organization and financing of reclycing centers

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The city of Nashville determined in 2009 that the population mean weight of municipal solid waste (MSW) generated per person per day was 6.40 lbs with a population standard deviation of 1.44 lbs. Assume a normal distribution. With the objective of promoting recycling of MSW and of reducing the costs of landfill disposal, the Nashville city council decides to propose a curbside recycling program that would assure that daily, per person MSW generation should not exceed the 10th percentile value of the distribution reported above. What is that value in pounds? Sketch the distribution and indicate the location of the value sought.

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