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    Cradle to Cradle

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    Cradle to Cradle

    View the video: (http://www.uctv.tv/search-details.aspx?showID=16539) and read the attached article. Then, answer the following questions:
    What stood out to you the most from the video and the MacArthur article? What did you learn? What changed your mind? What new questions did it raise?

    Leadership & Organization
    In light of corporate sustainability, briefly discuss the leadership and the organizational structure of the EPA. Evaluate where the leadership, strategy, structure, and management systems are now as they relates to corporate sustainability. Then (and most importantly), envision and describe a practical pathway forward towards a more sustainable approach for that organization. What would be the first three things that could/should change? What are the barriers, and how do you think they could be overcome?

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    Step 1
    What stood out to me the most from the video was that the current industrial system was flawed. According to McDonough through intelligent design the industrial system can become a creator of goods and services and generate ecological, social, and economic value. From MacArthur article, I learned that nature is a natural capital and it includes forests, oceans, and soils. I was impressed by the article because it showed a very different picture of a circular economy. The new circular economy shows that biological nutrients return to the economy and Technical Nutrients return to the user. McDonough is an architect and shows that by simple changes in design a business can become sustainable. He shows that the gap between conservation and profitability of businesses can be crossed. McDonough's focus is on design. He uses it to advocate sustainable business. The video says that we are capable to environmental solutions that are not only environment friendly but also presents solutions that are aesthetically pleasing. The solutions are well designed.
    I learned two things. First, I learned that almost anything can be recycled. Second, I learned that through proper designing pollution caused by industries can be reduced. The visuals in the video persuaded me that creative designs, especially of ...

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