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Contaminated Beach Waters: Risks, Challenges and Swim Safety

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Describe some types of illnesses that can be caused by contaminated recreational beach waters.

Identify the challenges in monitoring and managing beach waters to protect the public, and particularly surfers, in a timely manner.

Describe the different types of warning information that should be made available to the public regarding the safety of swimming at the beach.

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The solution describes the diseases caused by contaminated beach waters and the problems faced by authorities to prevent the spread of the diseases.

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Public recreational places like beaches, swimming pools, parks etc. can be a source of diseases. Since beaches stretch over large areas it is very important that they are kept clean to prevent spread of diseases. They can be sources of infection skin, eyes, ears, nose and throat. The diseases or illnesses are usually transferred through disease causing pathogens from one bather to another.

Some common diseases that are spread through contaminated beaches are:

1. Gastroenteritis- This is a disease usually caused by swimming in contaminated waters. The symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache and fever. If not treated in a timely manner it can prove fatal

2. Hepatitis - it is inflammation of the liver and is caused because of improper disposal of red waste from syringes. These syringes can carry bacteria and viruses that cause hepatitis and ...

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