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Wastewater Treatment

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Compare and contrast the secondary water treatment methods to tertiary water treatment (also known as advanced or final water treatment) methods, in the context of the wastewater treatment process. I have to consider that there are multiple secondary water treatment methods and multiple tertiary water treatment methods.

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Wastewater treatment is important to prevent contamination of receiving waters. The treatment consists of applying known methods or technology to improve the quality of the wastewater. Usually the waste water is collected in a central or segregated location, usually this is the treatment plant, before the process of treatment begins. Treatment of wastewater involves physical, chemical and biological stages to remove these contaminants.
The method involves three stages:

Primary: Where the water is heavy solids in the waste water are allowed to settle at the bottom and oily substances on the top. Once these are removed the water is sent for secondary treatment.

Secondary: This process removes dissolved and suspended ...

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The solution discusses the various stages of waste water treatment

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