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Instructions for graphing gas trends

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What does the information in table 1 and 2 tell us about the U.K. changing patterns of greenhouse gas emissions, and its ability to meet targets for emission cuts?

Table 1 Emission of greenhouse gases in the U.K, 1990-2001 (million tonnes of carbon equivalent)

Carbon Dioxide Target 132 1990-164 1991-166 1992-161 1993-157 1994-156 1995-154 1996-159 1997-152
1998-153 1999-151 2000-152 2001-154.

Basket of six greenhouse gases Target 183 1990-208
1991-208 1992-202 1993-196 1994-194 1995-191 1996-197
1997-191 1998 191 1999-181 2000-181 2001 N/A

Note for 1 the target for carbon dioxide emissions in a UK government target to be reached by 2010. The target level of emissions for the basket of six greenhouse gases is a target at Kyoto to be met by 2008-12.

Table 2 Estimated emissions of carbon dioxide in the UK by source category, 1970-200 (million tonnes of carbon equivalent

----------------------------------Percentage of total
----------- 1970 1980 1990 1995 2000------------------
stations 57.0 58.3 54.1 44.1 42.0 28

public and
combustion 12.3 9.9 8.5 8.8 8.4 6

Domestic 26.5 23.2 21.5 21.7 23.4 16

industry 45.0 28.0 22.2 20.8 19.5 13

transport 16.3 21.2 29.7 30.1 31.5 21

All other 28.2 23.6 23.2 23.7 22.7 15

Total 185.3 164.2 159.2 149.2 147.5

Note; in the column headed 'percentage of total in 200', each figure is give to the nearest whole number. the column will therefore not add up to 100 due to rounding.

Note: totals of carbon dioxide emitted in 1990-2000 in Table 2 differ by 5m tonnes from those in Table 1 due to different methods of calculation according to different international standards.

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Instructions for graphing a dataset pertaining to greenhouse gas emission in the UK into a spreadsheet format and analysis thereof.

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It is unfortunate you cannot get downloads because to address this you are going to have to graph these items. The easiest way is to enter them into one Excel Spreadsheet (or other spreadsheet program). Specifically what you need to do is to put 'years" as the first column heading followed by CO2 "target" then the various sector titles (transportation, power, etc...and finally the total) In the columns enter in the values. Year values should be those from table 2 (and only ...

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