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Global warming policy stance

If you were asked to become the minister or secretary in the Federal Government or United Nations in charge of doing something about global warming, what policies would you attempt to implement? Why?

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Such legislation has been tried on several occasions by national and international bodies. Hard to come to an agreement though. Let us look at the issues first:

Climate change (warm and cool) are indeed natural functions of the Earth's chemistry and orbital dynamics (Milankovitch cycles if you care to reference) over geologic time. As we know htat these high-temp excursions coincide with high CO2 levels, the concern is a) are we affecting it in a discernible manner, and b) can we / should we do something.

Most of the scientific community concurs that humanity is indeed altering the base atmospheric chemistry in a discernible manner in several ways (CO2, particulates, greenhous gasses, etc). Politics does not so readily agree with this consensus though. No one though, seems to be able to agree on what if anything can be done or even if something SHOULD be done.

Regardless of the background though let us look into the "big players" ...

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