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    The Effects of Climate Change

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    What are some possible effects of climate change resulting from a warmer earth? What are the major harmful effects of ozone depletion on each of the following:

    - Human health
    - Crop yields
    - Forest productivity
    - Materials such as plastics and paints
    - Plankton productivity.

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    Human health: A warmer climate would possibly not have much effect on human health - rather it would rather work in favour of it. The reason is that most of the populated areas of the earth, especially in the northern hemisphere, are colder than what would be ideal for human inhabitation. Those living in tropical regions, however, would have to deal with increased incidents of diseases carried by bacteria and germs which would flourish in a warmer environment. Early puberty and consequently a larger reproductive age can also be geared by a warmer climate, ...

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    The effects of climate change on biotic and abiotic factores are explored.