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Peace Corps and world hunger issues

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There are many starving nations around the world. We have many funded organizations that try to help with this problem, yet there are still millions of starving people on the globe. If you served as a Peace Corps volunteer trying to do something about world hunger what types of plans would you try to implement to help solve the problem?

1. Do we grow enough food to feed everyone on the planet?
2. Is there enough food being donated?
3. What types of trials and tribulations do you think surround food donations and distribution?

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1. Do we grow enough food to feed everyone on the planet?

Well, the obvious answer is a simple "yes" by and large...the real question becomes "Can we fed them all enough?" To which the answer seems at times to be "No" Ultimately though, the ability to make food becomes a question of simple thermodynamics - the amount of sunlight on the total farmable land times the efficiency of biology to trap light as biomass. Physics plain and simple. Estimates based on thermodynamic arguments tend to range around 9 billion population feedable.

At ...

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Answer considers factors relating to the common disjuncture between food donations and delivery to the needy in the context of global food requirements and sustainability - HTML attachment has live links for ease of access.

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